James Myatt, aka Distortion, is a DJ and electronic musician that hails from the Chicago area. A product of the Midwestern United States underground scene, throughout it's peak in the mid to late 90's and into it's death in the early 2000's. Distortion would DJ at countless one off events and club nights with many of the Chicago heavy hitters and talents from around the globe.
In the mid to late 2000 era, James would go on a hiatus from the turntables to focus on his career as a truck driver in the construction industry, and to later start his own business as a snow plow contractor. Even through his busy lifestyle of long hours, James still was always persuing music of all kinds, picking up the guitar and keyboard whenever time allowed.
In 2009 Distortion built a modest home studio to rekindle his fire and passion for electronic music once again. He began writing tracks when time allowed and would soon find himself being signed with his first release in the summer of 2010 on Belgium's Coincidence Records label. He would later go on to release his works on other labels such as Connaisseur Recordings and Soluble Recordings.
His sound can be described as versatile. From the deepest house, to the sound of driving techno, Distortion's music scratches the surface of a combination of sub genres, usually paying homage to his Chicago roots and early Detroit influences.

2013 / EP / #NPC004