Michigan born Rick Wade might not get the headlines of his more celebrated Detroit peers, but few have done as much to contribute to the house canon as he. For nigh on two decades ‘big daddy Rick’ has consistently turned out deeply channeled grooves that need every second of their often elongated lengths to have best effect. Peppered only lightly with strings, the odd breathy voice or some other delicate hook culled from the funk and soul sounds around which he grew up, Wade’s style is the perfect embodiment of minimum effort, maximum impact.
A famously rapid and prolific producer who turns out hundreds of excellent tracks on a non stop basis, Wade is also the force behind legendary imprint Harmonie Park, which has released classics from peers like Mike Huckaby, amongst others. His own discography stretches to three pages and is a pure gold mine for house heads, with each track sounding as timeless as the next. In DJ terms Rick is just as assured, laying down sets that are tinged with funk and soul and keep you dancing in his long form grooves all night long. From Europe to the US, this true house legend has played every venue worth its salt.


2018 / SINGLE / #NP026